Dear MMJ Investors

We have the knowledge, a unique know-how and superb expertise of Cannabis used for medicinal treatments. We have our own in-house facilities for extraction and cannabis labs supported by the utmost professional scientists and physicians. We have 4 years of global experience with cannabis and financial public markets.

Yes, Public markets. For the early birds: KanaFem will be public within 12-18 months by the end of 2019.

Let us show you what it is all about at KanaFem: Our presentation

Our markets


Our demographics starts with women during their Menopause (ages 45-59) and women having medical conditions during their Dysmenorrhea (periodic pain, menstrual cramps). Cannabis is used today to treat pain as pain relief, mental conditions as stress and depression and more. All those symptoms and more can be found in our demographics which will be professionally studied for most effective results.

Some facts about the Menopause markets:

  • The population of Menopausal females between the ages of 45 to 59 is rising and the increase in the range of the menopausal window is expected to propel growth.
  • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists statistics state that around 6,000 women reach menopause on a daily basis. This number approximates to two million women annually in the U.S. alone.
  • “Menopausal Hot Flashes Market – Global Industry Analysis” reports, the global menopausal hot flashes market is projected to expand to US$5.28 Bn by 2023 

032116-marijuana-online.jpgWe will develop a variety of products sequentially to the best efficacy results of each and every symptom which was tested under a clinical study. Our products can easily fit also into the recreational markets where legalized.

The Market for Adult Use of Cannabis: USATODAY: ArcView Market Research and New Frontier, a cannabis-focused data-analysis firm says that by 2020, adult use and medical marijuana sales are expected to reach nearly $23 billion.

Competitive edge

  • No other company* in the Cannabis field is focusing on women demographics with unique products for women only (*based on our research)
  • Unique cannabinoids formulas: Existing and IP protected cannabis formulas, developed by Bazelet, exclusive use for KanaFem
  • Based in Israel: Cannabis research and development of products are supported by the Israeli government, one of the few countries worldwide to approve clinical studies with cannabis
  • Exporting products from Israel – easier to manufacture and ship to Europe and the US based on importation regulations.
  • In-house Labs, R&D, Extraction, and production
  • The team of experts: scientists across the board and hospitals ready to run clinical studies, safety protocols, efficacy tests and more.

Creating IP & Value

Developed by Bazelet and now part of KanaFem’s IP – by using Bazelet’s unique Cannabis compounds/formulas for medical studies for different medical treatment segment such as menopause pain relief, stress, etc, KanaFem will create new protected IP for specific MMJ treatments for such medical conditions:

  • Testing for efficacy on existing patients
  • Patent protection
  • Publication of results
  • Product development
  • IRB approved clinical studies at Hospitals and HMO